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VIE is making sure that healthcare is always available. So we built key features such as: medical consultations, scheduling home visits, and a monitoring platform where patients can get the necessary medical services.

Instant Setup

VIE allows Medical Personnel to flexibly manage their schedule, localization, and scope of provided services.

User Experience

Patients can choose a service, a suitable time for the visit, and also choose a medical professional they already know.

Best Support

Our platform is designed to allow you to feel comfortable while knowing you can trust us with your sensitive medical data.

A faster way for better healthcare

Choose from nurses and other medical specialists available on the platform. VIE makes it possible to schedule different medical services.

A better way to do

By choosing the VIE platform you can be sure that the services are provided by professional and experienced medical staff, and the data stored in the application is safe. After each visit you can assess the level of service - your opinion helps us to maintain the highest standard of medical service.

Now more simple than ever

Go Anywhere, Do Everything

Pricing Plans

Affordably priced healthcare, with no hidden fees.

Lab Collection

As low as


  • Home Collection
  • Timely Processing
  • Delivered to the lab
Mobile Infusions

As low as


  • At home Infusions
  • Scheduled on your time
  • Designed for you
House Calls



  • Health at home
  • More Care Time
  • Clear Cost

PRM Platform

VIE's Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform facilitates patient engagement, satisfaction, and experience throughout the entire patient-doctor relationship, including post-care.

See what VIE PRM can do for you.

Our PRM platform equips clinics, practices, and hospitals with tools to optimize marketing efforts, improve health outcomes, establish trust and transparency between doctors and patients, and better predict value-based care strategies.

See how you can provide a better communication channel.

PRM is not just healthcare- specific CRM or clinical CRM, even though the solutions may go by those names; in fact, depending on the type of "patient relationship" that the healthcare practice wants to cultivate, VIE PRM solutions can range from optimizing administrative tasks to streamlining patient outreach to digitizing patient information.

See our most powerful resource tool.

Simply put, VIE's patient relationship management (PRM) is a system that accounts for a patient’s entire care journey. A simple solution that attracts new patients, prevents patient dropout, and delivers better health outcomes.

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We operate in a industry built on trust. This can only be acheived through communication and experienced support. Your email isn't going into the email abyss. At VIE, we provide the exceptional services we would want for ourselves. Let us lead you into the future of healthcare.