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Be it knowledge about our services, or help planning your health, if you need us for any reason, we urge you to reach us: (866) 585-7727, or hi@viediagnostics.com. In the meantime here's a list of questions we're frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

VIE is a service whose goal is to increase the availability of health care by enabling the ordering of medical services straight to your home. Through the service you can quickly and conveniently order a home blood collection or other medical service, and the only thing you will need to order is a computer or smartphone. We take care of the highest standard of services. Specialists providing services ordered through the Website are carefully selected based on their qualifications, experience and approach to our patients. We work with leaders in the laboratory and medical industry in Poland, together trying to provide access to the highest quality services. We are also gradually expanding the range of services provided.
You can schedule any medical service up too two months in advance, but no later than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.
To order any medical service, please provide the exact address of the patient. Then, in the process of scheduling, you must register by completing the registration form with the name of the Patient, birth year, e-mail address and contact telephone number. If you schedule and appointment for yourself in the registration form, please put your details. If for a close relative, the form should be supplemented with the Patient's details (name, surname, year of birth), some of them (email address, contact telephone number). This solution works in particular when the service is ordered for an elderly person or a child. Finally, remember to agree to data processing as well as Regulations and Privacy Policy.
Of course. You can schedule an appointment for yourself or for relatives. This is possible both if you are planning a visit for the first time and when you are our regular customer. If you schedule a service for the first time, adding a loved one follows the ordering process. In turn, for registered users, the function of adding relatives is available from the level of an individual profile.
Additional information is intended to improve the course of the visit. Enter what you think is useful from the point of view of our specialist, for example: a gate code, floor number, any hints when accessing the apartment is difficult ... For services other than blood colletion, please write us what medicine should be given to the patient or whether you have a referral from a doctor for the injection, drip, etc.
The cost of a home visit depends on the service you want to do. For example, the cost of a home blood collection consists of the cost of travel and material collection (the cost depends on the specialist providing the services) and the price of the tests. Detailed information about service prices and research can be found in the "price list" on our website.
If you order a home blood collection service for several people, you will pay only once for the travel and the cost of the visit. However, the research costs will be calculated in accordance with the price list, for each patient separately.
Of course. After scheduling the appointment, the contact will be made available to the selected specialist in the confirmation information. If you need more information about the service or questions you have, you can directly contact a specialist. The chosen medical professional will contact you at least a 30 minutes prior to the appointment. Remember, however, that you can only schedule an appointment via the VIE platform or by contacting Customer Service. It is not possible to order services from individual specialists. Information on the receipt of test results can be obtained by contacting customer service phone @ (866) 585-7727.
Before taking blood, it is best to drink plenty of water the night before up to one hour before the procedure. During the visit, the specialist will need access to running water, soap and a clean towel. In order to complete the formalities you will also need an ID card.
The waiting time for results depends on the type of tests ordered. Most basic and biochemical tests are performed up to 12 hours from material delivery to the laboratory or within one working day. In turn, specialist research can wait from 7 to even 30 business days. During the visit, the specialist will provide detailed information on when to expect the result of selected laboratory tests.
All results and consultation notes will be availble for you 24/7 on your dashboard.
Of course, just let us know at the time you schedule the appointment so we can be prepared.
At this time we do not take any insurance. But we are able to keep our pricing low so our services are affordable. We can also give you an reciept for your services so you can submit it to your insurance for reimburstment.