What's Inside of The Software?

Make informed decisions with historical & realtime data. We combine immediate realtime events with rich historical data
to help answer the toughest questions about engagement, patient experience, and other relevant data.

Population Health Management

Enable the best decisions to be made, allowing for care to be personalized to each individual.

Clinical Decision Support

Using clinical data set beyond an individual’s experiences so that individual patients can be better treated.

Readmission Prevention

Using early warning algorithm interventions can help reduce readmissions.

Personal Health Assistant

VIE is an intelligent chatbot which uses Medical Literature, AI, Machine Learning, NLP to assist the patient with his/ her symptoms..

The VIE Platform
for Payers.

Payers can create personalized medical policies and benefits, easily identifying what is and isn't covered and how costs are shared by parties. By matching interventions to individuals, payers can scale behavior change programs.
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The VIE Platform
for Providers.

Providing point of care access to historical data can reduce treatment variations and improve outcomes. Improving care and dramatically reducing waste in the healthcare system, while addressing systematic issues in over-treatment, care delivery, and care coordination.
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The VIE Platform
for Patients.

Using VIE's advanced platform, patients can now make more informed decisions about their health and make a timely interference if required.
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VIE's Personalized Health Model

VIE is personalizing care through predictive analytics
creating an opportunity to significantly reduce costs in the healthcare system.

Natural language queries make mining data easy for anyone.

Rather than force everyone at your company to learn incredibly difficult terminal commands, we allow anyone to query the data with natural language to return data.