Awesome Platform

The VIE Health Platform provides actionable insight to health organizations to reduce cost, improve quality, and enhance the experience of the communitiesthey serve.

A faster way to do
just about anything

Value-based care and consumerism are creating new demands for patient engagement. Instead of limiting your options by using a non-interactive patient platform that solves only one problem, deploy an extensible platform that meets both immediate and future needs.

The best way to do
just about anything

VIE allows hospitals and clinics to give their patients a personalized healthcare experience that supports people wherever they are. Patients can message securely with their Personal Health Assistant and schedule a Clinician for a home visit for help with any health need.

One powerful platform
One Powerful Experience

VIE has made it easy to integrate and use its platform, there are no software upgrades, downloads, or external coding. No additional staff is needed to provide the service. VIE takes care of it all.

A case study of the VIE Platform

RMCHCS, a hospital system in rural New Mexico, brought in VIE Health to find a way to utilize the VIE Platform, to provide a cost effective approach to providing higher quality health care to the Navajo Nation.

Amazing Features

Improve health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful solutions