Earn Cash While Spreading the Word

Ambassadors play a key role within the VIE family. You're responsible for growing VIE in your city, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. For your efforts and time spent referring, we will thank you with cash.

A better way to
reach the community.

Choose any client option you want to target. You can choose Patients, Doctors, Health Organizations, or Hospitals. Or you can choose them all.

A faster way to
get started

You will work closely with VIE's Corporate Headquarters to develop and own a local marketing strategy, gaining real-world marketing experience along the way. You can also gain exclusive access to represent VIE at events in your city.

A easier way to
make money

Earn $5 per patient referral, and up to $500 for each client referral. We also have cash bonus opportunities, marketing materials, and other VIE swag. The sky's the limit - you can earn as much as you'd like.

Our Ambassadors rock

Our team is made of health professionnals, students and business specialists, the perfect recipe for success and collaboration. We at VIE value you and your time. The work that you do for us as an Ambassador helps pave the way for us to advance in our markets. That's why we offer bonuses based on the work, time and effort that you put into expanding and strengthening our client base. The more work you put in and the more patients and clients you sign on, the higher your bonuses can be.

Awesome features

VIE has many partners, and is working to gain more. With our partnerships we are able to offer our members, patients and ambassadors rewards for being a part of our family. Rewards can come in the form of discounts for events, restaurants, and hotel stays. You will also receive exclusive pricing for lab testing for you and your family. So start earning today!